"Accredited by NBA for the Academic years 2018-19,2019-20,2020-2021"
Dr. M V Sudhamani
Professor & Head, R & D Dean(Engg.)

The Department of Information Science and Engineering was established in the year 2001. Dr. M V Sudhamani working as Professor and Head of the Department of ISE, since July 2008. She has 27 years of teaching experience and 16 years of Research experience. She has specialization in Image Processing, Content Based Image Retrieval, Advanced Algorithms and Databases. Guided 2 doctorates and currently guiding 3 candidates for Ph. D under VTU. Two research projects sponsored by AICTE & VTU have been successfully completed as Principal Investigator. She is a recipient of Bharath Jyothi Award by IIFS, New Delhi. She has served as member of Board of Examiners (BOE) and Board of Study (BOS) member in VTU and other autonomous institutions. She has organized three international conferences ICDECS 2011,2015 & 2019. She has organized/participated in more than 65 FDP/workshops and Short term training programs. She has delivered talks on technical subjects and chaired sessions in various International/National Conferences. She has more than 85 publications in International Journals and National/International Conferences. She edited college magazine Apertura for the years 2015 and 2016 as Chief Editor.

The department had started with an intake of 40 and the intake has been increased to 60 in the year 2002. Now in the year 2019 the intake has increased to 180.


Fostering winning professionals of Strong informative potential.


Imparting high quality education in the area of Information Science so as to graduate the students with good fundamentals, "Information System Integration", "Software Creation" capability & suitably train them to thrive in Industries, higher schools of learning and R & D centers with a comprehensive perspective.


Short Range Goals

  1. Enhance the academic performance of the faculty and students on continual basis
  2. Organize expert lectures, seminars, FDPs and Workshops to enhance the knowledge
  3. Boost up the technical knowledge of the students by providing opportunities to actively involve in paper presentation, hobby projects, technical contest etc
  4. Tune up the department to meet the increasing demands of software industry

Long Range Goals

  1. To develop Centers of Excellence in core areas like Data Science, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning and IOT
  2. To promote Industry-Institute Interactions through consultancy projects in the field of Information Technology
  3. To lay a strong foundation to promote R and D activities
  4. To set up a base for the people from industries and other institutions to impart quality training programme


Teaching Staff

Technical / Non-Teaching Staff

  1. Mr. Siddalingeshwar S A


  2. Mr. Shridhar Kagawad


  3. Ms. Mamatha R

    Assistant Instructor

  4. Ms. Sowmya M

    Assistant Instructor

  5. Mr. Nagaraj Poojari

    Semi Skilled Lab Assistant

  6. Mr. Mailarappa Kulenur

    Semi Skilled Lab Assistant

  7. Mr. Madhu Kumar H