Cultural activities make a campus very vibrant and RNSIT gets its energy from various cultural activities. May it be singing, dancing, acting, poetry, drawing RNSITians live their life to the fullest in these cultural extravaganza. All these activities are coordinated through respective clubs such as Synapse and Natarang for dance, Dhwani for music, Aura for Fashion, Chiranuthana for Kannada to name a few. Enthusiasts can join these clubs through proper Auditions and interviews. Students will get a great exposure being in these clubs and emerge as competent team players.

Fashion – Aura

Carrying the traits of boldness, spontaneity, and beauty, the Aura is the fashion team of RNSIT. As the name goes, the team is distinct and represents true fashion sense. The team ensures to give voice to themes through their wonderful costumes.

Music – Dhwani

Dhwani is the official band and music club of RNSIT. Mesmerizing the audience with their melody and music, the band comprises members who have mastered instruments like guitar, keyboard, tabla, and much more.

Dance – Synapse

Synapse is the dance club of RNSIT. Dancing to the tune of music, understanding the rhythm, and choreographing the moves are a few of the things that the synapse team is capable of. The members of Synapse are well versed with traditional as well new era dance forms and techniques.

Dance – Natarang

NATARANG is the classical dance club of RNSIT where you immerse yourself in the art of dance that is channelled by skilful and expressive performers. The team ensures that the ancient art of Bharatnatyam is still prevalent and loved by the spectators

Chiranuthana – Kannada Club

Chiranuthana is the Kannada club of RNSIT. The team works hard in instilling pride in our language “Kannada” by publishing articles, stories, and essays written by students in Kannada in their yearly magazine. They play a key role in making Kannada Rajyothsava a grand success.


Pantheon is a inter college fest organized at RNSIT every two years. Several colleges take part in various events conducted by the team. Pantheon has become one of the biggest fests of South Bengaluru which host up to 100 colleges and thousands of enthusiasts participate in attractive and fun filled events. Winners and runners are rewarded with trophies and cash prize


Parichay is an intra college fest of RNSIT which happens every two years. In this fest, all the departments of college compete against each other in various events, and one emerges victorious. Ethnic day is celebrated during Parichay.

Recent Cultural Events

09 Apr


RNSIT’s dance team NAtarang performed a fusion dance during HR Meet on 9th April 2022

09 Apr

Musical evening

RNSIT’s College band Dhwani performed a fusion number during during HR Meet on 9th April 2022

21 Feb

Doodle contest

Intra college doodle contest was held on 21st February 2022

18 Nov


Kannada rajyotsava celebration was held on 18th November 2021


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