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The Department of Mathematics, established in the year 2001 and has evolved over the years into a passionate team of well qualified faculty members. The department conducts courses in calculus and linear algebra , Advanced Calculus and Numerical Methods, Transform Calculus, Fourier Series and Numerical Techniques and Complex Analysis, Probability and Statistical Methods and Advanced Mathematics for I and II year BE students, and Applied Mathematics for M.Tech. (Electronics and Communication Engineering) students. The department also identifies students who need extra mentoring in mathematics and conducts remedial classes in order to enhance their performances. The streamlined and sincere efforts by the team have resulted in the department consistently obtaining excellent performances with many students scoring 100% in the VTU examinations. The department of Mathematics is a recognized VTU Research Centre for the Ph.D programme.


Providing a strong foundation in mathematical concepts and applications to Engineering


  • To create a conducive learning environment where in the student is channelized to use mathematics for analysis and design
  • To encourage logical thinking and inquisitiveness in studies
  • To reinforce the need for development of mathematical models and tools in technological development

HOD's Message

It is rightly said that the history of Mathematics is as old as that of mankind. It is not considered as just a science within itself but is also known as mother of all the sciences and key of all the technologies. The emergence of many disciplines including Engineering, Computer Sciences, Space Sciences, Material Sciences, Biotechnology, Mathematical Biology, Management Sciences and many others has made Mathematics the need of the time. Its applications range from shoe-modeling to aircraft-manufacturing, Geology to the motion of planets, sea-dynamics to the environmental changes etc.

The Department of Mathematics at RNSIT was launched with the aim of preparing students and researchers in Mathematics with a width of knowledge of the other sciences and technologies. Besides the offered research areas in Mathematics Department, the existence of the departments of Electronics and Communication Engineering ,Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Computer Science and Information science at RNSIT provides the opportunity to the PhD students of Mathematics to collaborate with the researchers of these departments. In addition to the different Mathematics programs, the department also provides a sound scientific and mathematical foundation to the undergraduate professionals of all the other departments of RNSIT. .


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