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AMURA bearing the tagline “Where the future begins”, is an enthralling AI&ML club of RNSIT, furnishing a deeper apprehension of AI and providing a platform for students by conducting various activities ranging from tech savvy coding competitions to amusing extracurricular events. Through this club we aim to create a competitive learning environment in AI/ML branch, RNSIT. The objectives of the club are:

  • Create a competitive environment.
  • Provide necessary study resources such as courses, tutorials and books.
  • Make projects based on AI , participate in AI related competitions.

Awards & Achievents

Mr. Aditya B M 2020- 2024 batch)

He has secured 9th place in Hackfest ML challenge 2021

Ms. Ayesha Rifa

Runner Up place in Badminton Women in Intercollege Bangalore south Tournament held at SJBIT during Nov 15-16, 2021


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