"Accredited by NBA for the Academic years 2018-19,2019-20,2020-2021 & 2021-2022"
Dr. Andhe Pallavi
Professor & Head

The department of Electronics & Instrumentation Engg is headed by Dr. Andhe Pallavi. The department is existing right from the inception of RNSIT. The department has highly qualified, experienced & dedicated faculty, committed to impart technical knowledge using advanced pedagogic methodologies

Department of Electronics & Instrumentation Engg is also a recognized VTU R&D center where 05 candidates are pursuing Ph.D.

The department has full-fledged labs catering to VTU curriculum & beyond. Some of our labs are Analog Electronics & IC Labs, Logic Design Lab, Instrumentation Lab, Process control Lab (incorporating PC based level, flow,temperature & pressure control loops, PLCs (GE FANUC based), SCADA, LabVIEW based experiments, sensors & their signal conditioning, etc), DSP Lab (CCS &TMS320C6711 DSKs), VHDL & Verilog Lab (XC2S 200E Spartan kits), Microcontroller lab (8051, MSP 430 and PIC 16F877 based), Control systems Lab, ARM Processor Lab (CORTEX M3 based) etc. The department also features an exclusive departmental library with over 500 books donated by alumni, staff & college management.

The department has an exclusive ISOI (Instrument Society of India Students Chapter) from 2007, with a membership of over 100 students annually. IT students are also active members of IEEE and ISTE students chapters at RNSIT.

The department also has an excellent placement record with students being placed in companies such as Infosys. Tech-Mahindra, Wipro, Yokagawa, TCS, National Instruments, Cisco, etc. Some of our alumni have also been inducted into Indian air force, naval & army services.

The department also contributes healthily to the college's sports team's such basket ball, cricket, football, athletics and have won many intercollegiate & State level competitions.

B.E. in Electronics & Instrumentation Engineering (EIE) is academically equivalent to B.E. in Electronics & Communication Engineering (ECE)


Empowering Instrumentation Engineers to Changing Technologies.


  1. To provide knowledge in the latest technologies to make the students aware of the need of measurement and control in every field of engineering.
  2. To equip students with skills needed to succeed in industries and to pursue higher studies.
  3. To motivate students to engage in lifelong learning and to contribute to society.


    1. Adequate number of rooms for lectures (core/electives), seminars, tutorials, etc for the program.
    2. Teaching aids multimedia projectors, etc.;Acoustics, class room size, conditions of chairs/benches, air circulation, lighting, exits, ambiance, and such other amenities / facilities.
    3. Faculty Rooms in the Department with internet facility and Space for Eight Laboratory covering an area of 983 Sft.

    Imparting conceptual knowledge and technical skills in a excellent learning environment to be in the forefront of Instrumentation technology. Our students have excelled in the academic, sports and cultural activities. Here is a brief overview


    To enhance the Technical Skill Set of students and faculty - workshops, Short Term Training Programmes (STTP), Faculty Development Programmes (FDPs), Conferences (National & International), etc. are organized on a regular basis at RNSIT.

    The enhanced capacity among students by way of projects, covering contents beyond syllabus, exposure given to students in subjects which do not have lab support in the curriculum, along with the policy of incubating Center of Excellence with continuous thrust to identification of latest/emerging areas has led to the enhancement of skills among students, resulting in knowledge enrichment and higher confidence, the result is the better employment opportunities and good success rate.

    EIE Department has established the ISOI student chapter to showcase a variety of academic activities such as techno quiz, paper presentation, circuit debugging, technical debates, group discussions, student seminars and workshops.

    One Week Virtual Technical Talk Series on "IoT in Industrial Instrumentation".....Updated on 28-07-2021
    1. In our Department, the faculty members and students volunteers promote and carry out various welfare activities enthusiastically. We have our NSS wing through which students get a scope to do various activities of social importance. As a part of social responsibility of the institution, the following are some of the contributions of our Department.
    2. 5K Marathon To cause uproar to save Tigers, 5K marathon was organized on 02.04.2017, planned by Mountaineering Club (MC), RNSIT. Mr.Manju Rahul, 6th semester, Dept of EIE is Vice President for the MC. 10 Volunteers from 6th semester EIE Dept. are coordinating the event.
    3. Mr. Mallikarjun H M, Dept. of EIE, NSS officer attended one day orientation programme for NSS Programme Officers organized by VTU Belgaum on 27.04.2013.
    4. Shekar H S, Shobha H Prasad, Mallikarjun H M (EIE Department) and Gayatri V Kanade of RNSIT NSS Staff Coordinators attended Lions club annual day in the year 2014-15.
    5. NSS unit, in association with Lions Blood Bank has been organizing Blood donation camp in RNSIT premises. Every year four blood bank visits the campus. In the recent camp on February 2017, NSS unit mobilized 468 units of blood. Mr. Mallikarjun H M, Asst. Prof., Dept. of EIE, NSS Programme officer along with fifteen Dept. of EIE students volunteered for the event.
    6. Dept of EIE students volunteered for "youth for seva" in presenting posters, cleanliness drives, etc.
    7. NSS Day: RNSIT Campus: 24.09.2013: NSS Student volunteers from the Department of EIE taught Computer/Technical terms and practical exposure to Nammura Govt School, Channasandra.
    Industrial Visits
    AICTE Activity Point Programme..... updated on 29/07/2021
    1. Sanctioned intake of 60.
    2. Pass percentage of > 97.28 % .
    3. VTU ranks & gold medals every year.
    4. Placement in reputed companies with high packages.
    5. Higher studies in foreign Universities viz., University of Michigan, Ann Arbor in Optics and Photonics, university of Bridgeport, ISAE, Toulouse, France, Syracuse university, Murdoc University, Perth, Australia, Western University, Canada , Institute of Micro Technology & EPFL, Switzerland, University of Florida, Gainesville, North Carolina State University, state university of NewYork, university of Texas, Arlington, University of Missouri-Rolla, etc.
    6. Project sponsorships & awards from KSCST, VTU, Shristi State Level Expo, etc.
    7. Sports & Cultural representations & triumphs in VTU/ State level tournaments.
    Ranks Placements and Alumni
    Placement Statistics 2020.....Updated on 23-Aug-2021
    Placement Statistics 2021.....Updated on 21-Sep-2021
    1. TATVA is the newsletter of Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering (EIE) Department. This annual newsletter emphasizes Instrumentation to the stakeholders. An editorial team of students (generally third year students) and an advisory team of staff are formulated every year. These literary teams take the responsibility in bringing out the newsletter. The newsletter is distributed to all RNSIT students & faculty. TATVA brings out the hidden talents, ideas and innovations of the students. It is a means to enhance the horizon of students' knowledge in various fields of technologies. It also brings out the various talents of the students in the fields of art, literature and poetry. Every year the theme of the letter is changed in order to spark interest in the minds of young budding engineers.
      Abstracts of previous Issues
    1. Open House Project Expo is conducted by the Department every year which gives opportunity for the students to display their projects which benefits their learning capabilities.
      Glimpses into Open House Expo
      Project Open House Expo- 2020
      Project Open House Expo- 2021
    1. RNSIT envisages lifelong learning and innovation among students by conducting on a regular basis the following activities both at the college and departmental levels.Following are some of the activities organized at EIE Department RNSIT:
    2. Release of students' newsletter 'TATVA'.
    3. A Departmental fest - 'EVOLUTION' encompassing paper presentation, circuit debugging quiz, gaming, model presentation, etc. in October every year under ISOI banner.
    4. Conducting regular training programs for students incorporating additional curriculum (such as IoT-Protocols and tools, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Python Programming, DSP using LabVIEW, VHDL interfacing,etc) to augment their skills, improved employment opportunities etc.
    5. Invited guest lectures and seminars from eminent industrialists & professors from elite institutions.
    6. Organizing short-term workshops & faculty development courses for in house & VTU staff of other colleges.
      Activities overview

      EIE Department is an approved Research Center from VTU, Belagavi. Under this research center research scholars are pursuing their Ph.D. in various domains like Image Processing, Signal Processing, Networking, Ground Penetrating radar, Wireless sensor networks, Nanotechnology, Optics etc, under the guidance of Professor & HoD Dr. Andhe Pallavi. Research Scholars have published more than 40 publications in reputed journals and conferences in last three years.

      Current R&D status

    Teaching Staff

    • Dr. Andhe Pallavi

      Professor & HoD

    • Mr. G N Srikanth

      Associate Professor

    • Mr. P Manohar

      Associate Professor

    • Dr. Madhura G

      Assistant Professor

    • Mrs. Savita S J

      Assisant Professor

    • Mrs. Latha P

      Assistant Professor

    • Dr. MalliKarjun H M

      Assistant Professor

    • Mr. Chetan Ghatage

      Assistant Professor

    • Technical / Non-Teaching Staff

      • Mr. Mohan Kumar S K


      • Mrs.Ambika K


      • Mr. Ganapathi K R

        Semi Skilled Lab Assistant

      • Mr. Mailarappa Kulenur

        Semi Skilled Lab Assistant