Dr. T Sreenivasan
Professor & Head

The College has started offering courses in Mechanical Engg from Aug 2011. Already the civil work required for class rooms and labs are in place. The equipments required for 3rd sem Foundry, Forging & Material Testing lab have been procured. The equipments for the other labs will be procured before the commencement of every sem. The facilities in the basic workshop have been expanded. The basic workshop is housed in the new building. Currently guiding 5 candidates for Ph.D under VTU &carrying out two research projects sponsored by AICTE & . New facilities has been provided for computers Aided Drawings in the new building. New Teaching staff have been recruited in view of the starting of Mech.Engg branch. The department of Mechanical Engineering is headed by Dr,T Srinivasan having 34 years of experience. The Mechanical Engineering Department offers teaching in the Basic subject Elements of Mechanical and train the students in Computer Aided Engineering Drawing.


To become a center of excellence in Mechanical Engineering and to nurture technically competent and socially responsible engineering professionals.


  1. Department would like to provide state-of -the-art infrastructure facilities along with a team of committed, experienced faculties for providing an excellent teaching learning and research environment
  2. To impart basic fundamentals of Mechanical Engineering to analyze and to solve any diversified Mechanical Engineering problems involving complex design of products and to carry out engineering analysis by using modern tools
  3. To prepare students for a successful career in Indian and Global industry to meet their needs or to groom them to become a successful entrepreneur
  4. To provide an opportunity for students to work in their individual capacity as well as to function in teams on multidisciplinary projects
  5. To enable students for lifelong learning and introduce them to professional ethics and sustainable development

Program Educational Objectives (PEO)

  1. Successful graduates shall have a sound fundamental knowledge in Mathematics, Physical Sciences & Basic Mechanical Engineering.
  2. Graduates shall have necessary skills in specialized areas of Mechanical Engineering such as Design, Thermal, Materials and Manufacturing Engineering so as to analyze and solve any diversified Mechanical engineering problems involving complex designs which is environmental friendly.
  3. Graduates shall posse’s ability of problem solving by adopting analytical, numerical and experimental skills by using modern analysis tools.
  4. Graduates will be able to meet the needs of Indian and global companies and shall become successful in their carrier.
  5. Sound communication skills, ability to work as a team, professional ethics and zeal for life-long learning, and adapt to changing professional and societal needs.

Program Specific Outcomes (PSOs)

  1. The programme must demonstrate that students can apply specific program principles to Design, fabricate, test, operate, or document of basic mechanical systems or processes.
  2. The programme enables students to design, develop, and test the products for quality and functionality as needed by the society from time to time.
  3. Engage in manufacturing or processing such quality products with utmost environment safety and committed for sales of products and provide good service to customer.


Mini Project
Kannada Rajyotsava
Unmanned Aerial Vehicle
YANTRA - 2017
YANTRA - 2018

Teaching Staff

Non-Teaching Staff