1. RNS Institute of Technology has an auditorium in the campus to cater to all cultural and extracurricular needs of students.
  2. Auditorium is a state-of-the-art structure with high-end technology visual and audio tools that offer unique space to accommodate a large number of audience (1800 seating capacity).
  3. Auditorium is well lit, spacious and soundproof to organize various events and performances successfully.

There is an extension Counter of Canara Bank in the college premises for providing banking facilities to the Students and Staff members. The bank is an extension counter of Banashankari Branch. The bank functions six days a week.

The working hours are

Working Days Timings
Monday To Friday 10:00am to 4:00pm
Only on 1st & 3rd Saturday 10:00am to 4:00pm
  • Mr. Veerabhadra


  • RNSIT has its on-Campus gymnasium to provide fitness for the students and staff. This facility is available for both boys and girls with different Timings (for hostel girls from 6.30 a. m. to 8 a. m., for hostel boys from 5.15 p. m. to 6.30 p. m. and for others from 3.30 p. m. to 4.30 p. m.). It has the following equipment:

    2. Cycle Simple 1
    3. Cycle Stable strong model 1
    4. 10 in 1 SPM Multi GYM 1
    6. SMITH BENCH 1
    7. ROMAN CHAIR 1
    9. MULTIPURPOSE BENCH (70x50) 1
    10. Decline Bench 1
    11. A-Plate Rack 1
    12. Rod Rack 1
    13. Dumbbell Stand-A (2 Rows) 1
    14. Dumbbells (MS Chromed with Rubber
    15. Rings) of various weight capacities 6 Sets
    16. Barbell weights (MS Chromed) 6 Sets
    17. Barbell Rods 6.5 ( with collar + Keys) 2
    18. Barbell Rods 5 ( with collar + Keys) 1
    19. Barbell Rods 4 ( with collar + Keys) 1
    20. Barbell Rods 3 ( with collar + Keys) 1
    21. Barbell Rods E-Z5 ( with collar + Keys) 1
    22. DIP Stand

    The College has presently two Boys and one Girls Hostel. These hostels accommodate around 530 boys and 300 girls boarders. Day to day affairs of hostels are managed by respective Wardens. There is also a Hostel Committee to help in taking policy decisions. Yoga and Meditation classes are held for both boys and girls in the early morning on alternate days.

    Accommodation is provided on a sharing basis. Rooms with basic furniture like cot, table and chair are provided. Bed-rolls, linen etc. have to be brought by the students themselves. Strict discipline is maintained in the hostels. Late night entry, leaving hostel without permission are not allowed. Smoking and drinking in hostel premises is totally prohibited. Entry of unauthorised persons is prohibited.

    Hostel mess serves vegetarian food, the menu prepared by the boarders of the hostel itself. Various sports and Cultural Activities, along with regular academic work, is carried out for the benefit of the boarders.

    There is a well equipped guest room for parents and guests in the hostel premises. Along with Libray facilities, separate Browsing center is also provided for the boarders to surf the net and avail the internet facility till midnight.


    Breakfast 7:50 am to 8:30am
    Lunch 12:30 noon to 2:00 pm
    Tea 4:30 pm to 5:30 pm
    Supper 8 pm to 9:00 pm


    Chief Warden Boys Hostel Dr. U. Bhojanna
    Warden Boys Hostel Prof. C M Suresha

    RNSIT Library was established during the year 2001 with a collection of 2000 volumes of books. Within a span of 20 years it has grown with a collection of over 39,327 volumes, 10 Journals, 14 Magazines and 13 News papers.. RNSIT Library is an automated Library. Books are Bar Coded and students are issued an identity card to transact with the library facilities. Each student will be issued 3 books during regular time and 4 Books are issued during their exams. Journals and Magazines are available to support and enhance their specialization. Both Indian and foreign journals are being subscribed. Our library has been subscribed to the E-Resources Online through VTU consortium such as Elsevier, Springer Nature, Taylor & Francis, Emerald, Mcgraw Hill Education, NetAnalytiks Sententia Grammer writing tool, Cloud based Remote Access solution under K-Nimbus Professional platform, Turnitn-Plagiarism online check software, NetAnalytiks - Sententia - writing Grammer Tool for the year 2020. Amount spent around Rs.28.99 lacs. This would support library users project works, technical reports, Journal articles and R & D works. As a value added services, the following programs like NPTEL, NDL, Remote Access under K-NIMBUS platform facility are available at the institution.

    Also we are having the Long term plan of connecting the Library to - other renowned libraries like CPRI, ISRO, NAL and IISc.

    Separate CD Library is maintained with 4 computers and with a collection of 1708 CD's. Students can use this facility during their leisure time. Separate Browsing center is also maintained with the support of Incable's Internet facilities and 17 separate systems for this purpose. Students can surf the net and avail the internet facility till midnight. We have organized Book Exhibition 4 times in order to enrich our collection. Reputed book publishers and sellers like Book paradise, Generation Books, Sri Sai Books, Sri Laxmi Book Distributors, Ell Enn Books have participated in this. Faculty and students were given preference to select and suggest the books.

    Library is kept open from 8 am to 11 pm daily and 1pm on Sundays. Books are kept in open access racks for free access. Reading facility with seating and writing arrangement for 200 students is also provided. Separate journals and news paper section is also maintained. Back Volumes of Journals are also maintained. Current Awareness service is also provided with the support of latest events, publications, thoughts etc. by putting it up in the notice Board, computer screens etc. Our library is also a member of IIMB library. Thus, providing all the information and helping the students and faculty for their overall development and growth, our Library acts as a catalyst for turning out our students as quality engineers.

    Also we are having the Long term plan of connecting the Library to other renowned libraries like PRI, ISRO, NAL and IISc Separate CD Library is maintained with 4 computers and with a collection of CD's. Students can use this facility during their leisure time.

    MAGAZINES Technical - 14
    CD'SS 1708
    BOOKS ISSUE - 29,543 REFERENCE - 9784


    • Mrs. Shobha H Prasad


    • Mrs. Latha.T


    The College has a Canteen inside the campus in which both South Indian and North Indian dishes are available at reasonable rates. The canteen remains open on all working days. Beverages of different flavours are served on different days according to different seasons. A committee consisting of staff, students and trustees oversee the functioning of the canteen and its upkeep