RNSIT Western Dance Crew.They keep their heads up with their feet on the grounds.Trained by one of the well known name in the hip-hop culture Zuboo. This family is representing the culture and college since it's birth in 2012.


Sanskruti AIT - 1st 2k16&2k17

DSI Management Fest -1st 2k17

Acharya Habba - 2nd 2k17

BMC Fest-1st 2k17

Global Fest - 1st 2k16

AMC Fest -1st 2k16

AVCE Fest - 1st 2k16

BIT Fest -1st 2k16

DBIT Fest -2nd 2k16

Performed for DD Chandana for their new year's eve programme


Dance being the hidden language of their soul, IRA is the Indian Contemporary team of RNSIT formed 5 years ago. In the year 2015-2016, IRA soared new heights by winning in almost every college of Bangalore.


2nd place in furore-Dsi

Dayananda Fest -2nd 2k17

IEEE RNSIT Student Branch

Institute for Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) is the world's largest professional association of technical professionals with more than 400000 members around the globe. IEEE RNSIT Student Branch has been started in March 2010 with 22 members and now the number has crossed 100, with members from various branches of B.E, and MCA. The Student Branch is headed by Dr. Rajini V H, Associate Professor, Department of ECE.

Student branch now has two IEEE Societies functioning, namely Robotics and Automation Society , Computer Society.

The SB organizes numerous workshops, talks and industry visits throughout the year. In the past IEEE RNSIT had organized flagship events such as Internship Drive, Workshops on Robotics, Python programming, MongoDB Programming, Industry visit to ISRO and many more.


RNSIT has always given importance to the physical fitness of the students and staff. The Sports section is headed by a full time Physical Education Director. Regular training Programs for games like Basketball, Cricket, Football etc., are conducted for the students.

The campus consists of different outdoor sports grounds such as Cricket, Football, Volleyball, Basketball, Throwball etc. as per norms as shown in Fig. 4.1.3(b). The RNSIT has an Indoor Sports Complex, consisting of two Badminton courts in addition to Table Tennis, Carom and Chess. The play grounds of RNSIT is used for hosting various tournaments including that of VTU.

Guest Lecture-ISRO

Mr Nagaraj Ananth of the Indian Space Research Organization was invited to deliver a guest lecture on ‘Growth of space technology around the world’. This event was conducted for 3rd year students and saw the attendance of over 120 students for the lecture. Bosch Rexroth Industry 4.0 Seminar A seminar on the emerging trends in the manufacturing sector was conducted by Bosch Rexroth in 2016. It was attended by second and third year students of mechanical, electrical and electronics departments. Mr. Santhosh gave an insightful presentation on the concept of Industry 4.0 and the increasing role of automation in the manufacturing sector. Using real world case studies, he engaged the students in a debate regarding the relevance and implications of automation to society and jobs in general. The seminar was a precursor to the launch of the RNSIT- Bosch Rexroth Centre for Automation and Technology.

Social Awareness Programme

The Department of Civil Engineering organised this event to inculcate a sense of responsibility in the students' mind. The event kicked off @10am on 31st March, 2017. Mr. B. K. Nagaraj Singh, Head of Fire Station, Banashankari Branch briefly addressed us about the services offered by the fire department. This was followed by an amazing lecture by Mr. Nagesh, also from the fire brigade who introduced us to different classes of Fire, their causes and the ways through which we can prevent it from spreading.

We also had with us, Mr. Nagaraj who is an IT trainer in SAMARTHANAM TRUST for the differently abled people. He explained how these physically and mentally challenged youth were being trained, the phase through which these people learn various fields. Their main aim is to make these people as "Taxpayers of the country rather than being a pensioner". We were then shown a documentary regarding the charity being done by this organisation. This was followed by a MOCK FIRE DRILL by the fire brigade, where different types of extinguishers and various ways of smothering fire were taught to us. Some students also got the privilege to operate the instruments directed by the fire crew. New fittings used by the fire department in real situations were also demonstrated. The donation event was started @ 10.30am. Many students offered clothes, money as well as stationary to the trust to extend their helping hands. Meanwhile, the 2nd, 4th and 6th semester civil students staged a street play in front of the college canteen having the theme as HARASSMENT ON WOMEN which came out beautifully and was appreciated by everyone.

At the end of the day, the donations had hit a high and we had collected around 8k cash, 12 boxes full of clothes and a box full of stationary. This was handed over to the trust member Ms. Harshitha Prakash, who thanked the management for this extended support to uplift the poor and disabled. Finally, it boosted the thoughts of every individual. It evoked a sense of responsibility within us.

Defence Tech Club

This club was started in 2015 in order to create a platform for defence enthusiasts of RNSIT to discuss and share their views on various issues related to defence, strategic and current affairs. Numerous meetings and activities have been held, including a Defence Tech Quiz which was conducted as a part of the Department Fest.

Mech Radiance

This is the premier activity club of the Mechanical Department of RNSIT. It was founded in 2016 with the intention of organizing a variety of events ranging from photography to mini project expos. The core team consists of 8 members from the 3rd year with event coordinators and volunteers drawn from the first and second years. The highlight of 2016 in mechanical department was the mini project expo which saw extensive participation. It saw the involvement of over 50 3-man teams from various departments including first and third year students, who had worked hard to make amazing projects.

Artificial Intelligence and Robotics Club

The RNSIT ROBOTICS club AIR (Artificial Intelligence and Robotics) was started with the vision of exploring the Ocean of Robotics and to integrate likeminded people to come together to learn and exchange information regarding Robotics. A number of workshops have been conducted and the students have been supplied with robot kits and trained to do projects with them.

Click-Photography Club

The aim of the club is to spark an interest in photography and to fuel the passion about capturing life in all its essence. And the club’s motive is to educate students about basics of a camera and its operations, and to enable them to click better pictures which are aesthetically beautiful and showcase their creativity.

Trivial Pursuit- Quiz club

The Club for students who are interested in Quiz

Mountaineering Club

It is an association for those who have a keen eye towards adventure. This club was started with the aim of instilling leadership and risk amongst students. Trekking camps are conducted every year.


They believe that fashion is a statement, an art of self expression. Fashion is an art and we are canvas. Formed in the year 2013 by Muhammad Bilal Shaikh.Aura has represented RNSIT and won in many colleges including:











Themes include:









The cultural activity team (CAT) is the eminence of creativity in RNSIT. The team uses its honed and polished set of skills to collectively put up a fest that the rest of the college can enjoy. There are two fests that the Cultural Activity Team has to its name:

PARICHAY: The Intra college extravaganza that features a frantic jig for two trophies fought for by all the seven branches- The spirit of Parichay and the Talent of Parichay. Parichay boasts of over 50 events organised with utmost care by the Events committee of CAT. The Talent of Parichay is awarded to the branch that has the most number of wins in these events. The Spirit of Parichay is awarded to the branch with most number of Participants in all the events. Overall, Parichay has been very well received by the students and continues to be a tradition that is rooted within the spirit of RNSIT as an institution.

PANTHEON: The Bi-annual Inter-college fest that to this day, is a brand name among students. Pantheon boasts of a very large number of events and tests the CAT to its limits in terms of managing and scheduling. Pantheon has also hosted many popular acts such as Agam, Lagori, Aathma, Argenil productions among many others. Pantheon has seen a footfall over 3000 everytime and has been the pride of RNSIT's cultural pursuits. It has successfully put RNSIT on the Cultural Map. The word Pantheon refers to the deities of a religion collectively. It is safe to say, that the fest lives up to this name.

The CAT comprises of unsung heroes who selflessly work to put a fest up for the rest of the college and do not participate in any events. The CAT also owes its smooth functioning to the Cultural head; Prof. T.S Bhagavath Singh, who is an integral part of the team which would not have existed without the work put in by him.